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Walking tour of Wittlich
A little walk throught the
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Historical Market Place 1
The Market Place is a small art historical piece of skill with the most beautiful Patrician houses among many scattered over the town. First of all there is the Old Town Hall, an impressing Renaissance house built after the town fire of 1647, extended in 1992 by a side façade equal in style. For the windows in the staircase, Georg Meistermann created thrilling glass paintings "Horsemen of the Apocalypse to remind the destructions in the town during the war. Today the Old Town Hall hosts the Georg-Meistermann-Museum with the Town Gallery for Modern Art. Opposite the Old Town Hall there is the gorgeous Renaissance building "ZUM WOLF", today Hotel Well. This creation of the renowned Wittlich stonemason-architect Conrad and Sebastian Wolf from the end of the 17th century was built as dwelling house for the first mentioned of fthem. Near it, a modest Baroque building from the 18th century, the former Neuerburg house. The imposing Baroque building on the other side (Freckmann) had been built in 1753 by the "Posthalter" (former post services) familiy Fier as a POSTAL SERVICE.

Georg-Meistermann-Museum 1
Iin addition to the permanent exhibition with works of Georg Meistermann, which is unique throughout Germany, the Georg-Meistermann-Museum and the affiliated Town Gallery for Modern Art show exhibitions with national and international artists in turns.

Türmchen 4
The "Türmchen" (little tower) is the most handsome rest of the town fortification of 1317. As part of the former castle gate facility the building served as the guard's dwelling. Around the last turn of the century the sculptor Peter Kunsmann had lived there. The two-floor plaster building on an almost square ground plan bears a curved cap. The sandstone-framed windows at the field side were mounted not before the 19th century. The smaller window above the entry is older. At the eastern side there is a former spyhole in the form of a lion's grimace and a small Pietà relief, both of the 17th century. The beam cross at the field side was set up instead of the ancient castle gate cross after the repair of the building around 1970. The cross then set up on the route leading to Wengerohr had been donated by Bernhardt Otto in 1703. On the beam, Holy Bernhard as patron saint of the donator.
Parish church St Mark (Karrstrasse)
The church with the high tower crowned with curved cap and little arcade temple was built by the architect of the imperial court, Ravensteyn, of the Archbishop Johann Hugo von Orsbeck as three-nave hall church in elementary early-Baroque shapes (1709-1723). The Baroque high altar is from the Dominicans' church in Koblenz. Choir stalls and side altars are richly decorated carvings from the 18th century. Among the many figured artworks, mainly of Baroque times, the following stand out: a wood figure of Holy John the Baptist (15th century) and a silver reliquary of Holy Sebastian. For the choir windows Georg Meistermann created a glass painting of significant expressiveness. The modern glass paintings in the side naves are from Alois Stettner, Pierre Rocher and Heinrich Dickmann.

Cultural and Conference Centre Synagogue
The former Synagogue of Wittlich, which until December 1975 had almost been a well preserved ruin although well maintained in structural substance, became the new Cultural and Conference Centre in March 1976. Under the then district master builder Hans Vienken the construction was begun in 1909 and finished after almost one year's work. The arrangement of the synagogue as prescribed by tradition – a rectangular main room for the men with a narrow niche directed towards the east as the storage space for the Torah scrolls and with galleries for the women on the other three sides – was realised in an art nouveau manner in keeping with the time with particular reference to the Romanesque archtitectural style. In addition to various cultural events and travelling exhibitions in the Cultural and Conference Centre Synagogue there is also the permenant exhibition "Jewish life in Wittlich".

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