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Route of rural culture
A connection of
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The Salm cycle trail is an attractive connection through the region of Wittlich-Land between the "Maare-Mosel" Cycle trail and the "Mosel" cycle trail. It leads you through the Wittlich valley which originated during Permian times approximately 240 million years ago. The valley had been filled by a 900 m thick reddish sediment course. As former side valley of the Moselle it offers and agradable and biker-friendly 4-7 km wide and approx. 35-40 km long plain. The cycle trail develops to be the routhe of rural culture with the castle in Dreis, churches, mills, farmhouses in the style of the Trier Einhaus worth visiting and regional specialities which make your cycle tour up to the Mosel become a folkloristic event trip.


Distance: 17 km
Start/Arrival: From Dreis through Sehlem and Rivenich to Klüsserath to the Mosel. Connection to the Moselle cycle trail
Route conditions:
completely asphalted Cycle track with very good signposting
Profile: Good to go, there is a short gradient (150 m long)
particularly suitable for leisure cyclists, seniors, groups and families.
The cycle event day "Salm" always takes place on last Sunday of September

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