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Wine in the Moseleifel region

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Wine in the Moseleifel region

"For a long time it has applied
and it's not just a joke
'in vino veritas'.
The truth is in the wine
so drinking cannot be a sin, that's fine.
So may sound glass to glass
'in vino veritas'!

The vines and sparkling wines of this region are incomparable when it comes to their characteristic – namely a fine savoury acid coupled with a strong taste. In golden autumn you should taste the first sweet-tart must ("Federweisser" = freshly made wine) coming from the winery. Together with this fresh Federweisser our vine-growers serve you a savoury slice of onion pie. After pressing the precious juice of the grape is brought the winery to become a savoury wine.

You would like to experience a weekend at a winery? Just observe, how wine is made?
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For all-inclusive offers please click here!




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