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Marktplatz 5 - 54516 Wittlich - Telefon 06571/4086

Arrival by train

Intercity route DB: Koblenz-Wittlich-Trier
Wittlich main station is located in the Wengerohr town district (3 km to the centre). The continuation of the journey to the centre will be by bus to the central bus station (ZOB). From the ZOB you can easily walk to the centre within just a few steps. Train tickets can be bought even at the starting point up to Wittlich ZOB. It is also possible to pick up small groups with guest mobile from the station/ZOB upon agreement. There is a taxi stand directly at the entry to/exit of the station/ZOB. Many hosts even offer a pick-up service from the station/ZOB.


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