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The Lieserpfad (Lieser Path)
One of the rambling trails most favoured among guests and local people.

Rambling from Daun through Manderscheid to Wittlich on the "Lieserpfad" with its partly already alpine terrain is a challenge for trained ramblers.

However, the efforts are rewarded by experiencing a unique natural landscape and the elemental course of the creek.

The trail is extremely diversified, partly narro trails along the slope, partly wide routes through the forest, then steeply over the mountain and once again crossing small bridges and stages over the Lieser.

We recommed to do the trail in 2 days and to bring food along.


total Distance: 43km
1. stage about 17 km
Daun – Oberer Lieserpfad – Manderscheid
4-5 hours 350 m difference in altitude
2. stage about 26 km Manderscheid – Unterer Lieserpfad – Wittlich
7-8 hours 750 m difference in altitude


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